antispam filter and unsubscribe email service:
Manage efficiently your mailbox!

Are you tired of spending time sorting through your mailbox to keep only the e-mails that matter? Afraid of accidentally opening infected e-mails? Do you wish to stop wasting time unsubscribing from ads for things you never subscribed to in the first place?

Love Your Emails sorts and files all your e-mails automatically. E-mails are sorted at the server level so that you are presented with a safe and uncluttered mailbox from any device and from anywhere!

Boxy does not like this mess in your mailbox, at all !

Boxy helps you to expand your email management experience

Because Boxy does not like the mess, he will help you tidy up and classify your emails : bulk emails, commercial emails, junk emails and graymails.

  • Spam

    Spam refers to undesirable mail - e-mails that you did not choose to receive, or even e-mails that are dangerous for your computer, network and e-mail address.

    There are several types of spam: viruses, phishing, scams and spear-phishing.

  • Low-priority

    Low-priority e-mails represent all commercial e-mails, newsletters and canvassing e-mails.

    Low-priority e-mails are e-mails that are wanted (newsletters to which you have subscribed, for example) but which do not need to be read as a priority.


Spreads to other computers with the aim of infecting them


Fraudulent e-mail that retrieves private and confidential information


Suspicious and undesirable e-mail


Scamming technique sent by e-mail involving large sums of money


Desired but low-priority e-mail


Desired but low-priority e-mail

Boxy and different types of emails: scams, spam, viruses and newsletters
Boxy Love Your Emails' robot

Intelligent services for your mailbox

Love Your Emails is an intelligent service, meaning that it runs on its own.

The filtering service embedded in the Love Your Emails service runs non-stop to block e-mail related threats and file low-priority e-mails into a specific folder.

Thanks to an innovative technology, no configuration is needed from the moment the e-mail address is added to the database.

How the love your emails antispam works : drag and drop to spam How the love your emails filter works : drag and drop to inbox How the love your emails unsubscribe works : drag and drop to unsubscribe

In order to contribute to the enhancement of the filter engine and as such apply a more relevant classification, you can drag and drop your e-mails. Thanks to this option, you can drag an e-mail from your inbox to file it in another category and vice versa. You can therefore file an e-mail as spam or an advertisement or even drag and drop a newsletter to the "unsubscribe me" folder and thereby benefit from our safe unsubscribe service in just one click.

Email service works with any provider

We are compatible with all services that use IMAP. IMAP is a protocol for communication between your e-mail client (Outlook, Windows Mail, your Smartphone) - What is IMAP?. IMAP allows you to leave messages on the server and thus be able to read them on any device. IMAP also allows moving messages, which allows us to organize your e-mails and free your inbox. Here is an example of the services that we are compliant with: Gmail, Yahoo, La Poste,, GMX, 1 & 1, iCloud, ...
      Love Your Emails compatible With Gmail Love Your Emails compatible With Yahoo! Love Your Emails compatible With Hotmail Love Your Emails compatible With iCloud Love Your Emails compatible With Orange Vade Retro Mobile works with GMXVade Retro Mobile works with AtTVade Retro Mobile works with Qq
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It's a free email service

The application Love Your Emails and its services are completely free.
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How to register

Simply set the address you want to protect. To do this, we only need the following:

  • Description of the mailbox: "E.g.: Personal, Work, My Gmail"
  • Address
  • Password

The address and the password must be those used to connect to your mailbox. They will allow setting up Boxy to periodically scan your account.

If it does not recognize the automatic settings on your mailbox, Boxy can configure everything through the advanced mode:
Advanced mode allows you to manually set all the IMAP connection elements. They appear automatically if the user is not able to automatically configure.

The additional fields are:

  • Username: Corresponds to the ID you use to connect to your e-mail account.
  • IMAP Server: Represents the settings of your web host's mailbox. Contact your host or try the default address
  • IMAP Port: Corresponds to the settings of your web host's mailbox. Contact your host or try the default 143.
  • Use SSL: Corresponds to the settings of your web host's mailbox. Contact your host for more information.
boxy register

How does the service work

Operating principle

Our servers are hosted exclusively in France and communicate directly with your e-mail host to place them in folders that can be accessed using any support to view your e-mails.
Messages are scanned by a robot that analyzes behavior and is able to categorize them. This process is repeated at a high frequency so that it takes place in real time when your e-mails are received.

Are my messages read by an actual person during the analysis?
NO. Boxy takes care of everything.

Boxy the filtering robot

Why shouldn't I be pleased

Simply change the message directory. Move messages from your e-mail client as if you wish to classify them manually.

  • From spam to inbox
  • From Info / advertising to inbox
  • From inbox to spam
  • From inbox to info / pub

Boxy analyzes motion and is mindful of your wishes to improve its filter rules. At this point, e-mails may possibly be analyzed by filter engineers to identify behavior that corresponds to new threat profiles.

Boxy sorts your e-mails

What if I have multiple addresses

After creating your account and protecting your main address, you'll be able to connect to other addresses.

Is my address compatible? With whom are you compatible?
We are compatible with all services that use IMAP. IMAP is a protocol for communication between your e-mail client (Outlook, Windows Mail, your Smartphone) -

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